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Company overview

Indie Source is a clothing manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California that provides development and manufacturing services to fashion designers and entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 2012 by Forbes 30-Under-30 recipients Zack Hurley and Jesse Dombrowiak. Indie Source has a team of 20 full-time employees. Some of their better-known clients include Nike, Good American, and Sol Angeles.


Since their founding in 2012, Indie Source’s CEO, Zack, had been mostly managing sales by himself. While running the day-to-day operations of his business, he was also managing the full sales cycle including prospecting, lead generation, outreach, intro calls, and closing. Zack wanted to hire an internal salesperson but didn’t want to take on the financial risk of it not working out as he’d been burned in the past. 


Initially, Zack was hesitant to partner with Salaria Group because he had worked with other sales and marketing outsourcing firms in the past that didn’t deliver results. Although, shortly after joining forces, Zack immediately began to notice the difference. “In addition to bringing in new leads, Salaria helped us build out repeatable sales processes, improve pipeline management, and organize our CRM infrastructure,” Zack said.


Almost immediately, Indie Source began to see a significant improvement in the number of meetings scheduled with qualified leads. “Within a month, our pipeline had grown over 180%. In just the first four months of working together, Salaria booked us over 149 meetings. The conversion rate from meeting to close has increased two-fold because of Salaria’s work.” Zack said. With the help of Salaria Group, Indie Source’s sales pipeline has grown so dramatically, so quickly, that they’ve begun building out an internal sales team to manage the growth.