Technology Companies

Technology companies, especially those that sell SaaS products, are hyper focused on generating recurring revenue, managing churn and improving other vital business metrics. Technology companies also tend to struggle the most with entering a new market and expanding their user base. With the help of Salaria Group, we can generate a significant number of well qualified leads to improve your metrics and keep your sales goals on track.

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Improve your metrics

Sales and marketing for technology companies tends to be a pure numbers game. If I have X number of leads I know I will convert X to demo, and convert X from demo to close. Although, managing the pipeline from the top of the funnel to ensure you hit those metrics can be exceptionally challenging. We can deliver the volume of highly qualified leads your business needs to meet your revenue targets.

Manage churn

Some tech products have better churn metrics than others but it’s a challenge for everyone in the space. Salaria Group can ensure that we are delivering enough new leads that generate new opportunities to mitigate the effects of those customers that choose to opt out.

Lower customer acquisition costs

Instead of increasing the headcount of your sales organization and hiring more reps, why not try to become more efficient? What if you could double the output of your sales reps? Salaria Group can help you achieve just that. Let us take care of the manual and repetitive tasks that keep your sales people from closing more deals.